Rude Malaysian Student in Japan!!!

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Please refer to this link to read about what exactly happens:

and this is the video where they apologized =_=

I am not going to be racist on my own race =_= but this so sucks =_= and it brings shame to us Malaysian =_=

I was watching anime this 2 days while reading this news just now =_= and this is just my own rant =_=

I love Japan and my dream is to travel all around Japan and learn their culture and taste their delicious food and visit my otaku side =_= but reading this news today really make me mad for a certain reason =_= How am I going to travel there next time =_= not only in Japan, how about other country =_= GRRRRRRRRRRRRR =_=

First, you lied about missed your flight =_= 

Second, you caused a damage to Vitti Lodge wall =_=

Third, you did not follow Vitti Lodge rule 

Fourth, you pooped in their shower =_=

Fifth, you have no sense of respect to staff =_= 

Sixth, you guys are so rude =_=

Seventh, you bring shame to Malaysian!

Whatever the situation is, you are at someone place =_= so you have no rights to damaged other people property. 

and then, you send a video defending your own action????????? You thought we are so stupid huh??? Blame yourself first, before blaming other...

Just because as you said the staff is rude to you and you cannot stand it anymore, and you take a drastic measure by saying hurtful words which showing your own idiotic attitude. 

Not only that, you damage their property =_= and how dare you leave your poop in the shower!!! SO RUDE! DISGUSTING!!!



I wish you guys were banned from travel around =_= 

Again, this is just my random rant =_= I am so mad, right now =_= 

EDIT: ONLY 2 guy in the video being problematic one, please excuse the guy wearing red shirt as he did nothing wrong~ and to the staff, he is too calm, good TT^TT 

My Favourite Kpop MV JULY | AUGUST 2017 [PART 1]

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I don't have anything to update =_= and so I decided to share some of Kpop MV that being released in August and catch my attention. I keep coming to Youtube and listen to music that I will list on below. You might already be heard of it, or maybe not. Maybe you will love it or maybe it was not your taste of music, so never mind :) Lets' proceed...

Jessica - Summer Storm

This one is so good XD I don't know some part just like a message :P

Wanna One - Energetic

I am so sorry, but I don't really like Wanna One for now =_= I did watch their show, but... its take time... The only song I can repeat watch only this one. I know some of the members but owh well... why August? why???

SNSD - All Night

I love SNSD, even though this is not the best of them (my opinion) I love their old music XD but this one also loves it. I thought at first I don't like it, but well I keep listening to this. Holiday MV I don't really like it, can listen but just sometime~

Winner - Island

Seriously, Winner is my favourite from the time they debut their song Empty. That one, till today I still listen to it. My favourite. Love Me MV not my favourite one tho :P 

The Rose - Sorry

They debut this month, year and I really love this MV!!!

AKMU (Akdong Musician) - Short Hair

I really love AKMU!!! All of their song I can listen to it everyday!!! 

N.Flying - The Real

ANOTHER FAVOURITE THIS MONTH!!! I keep singing this one in shower XD ahahahaha :3

GFriend - Love Whisper

I really love GFriend, this might not my favourite compared to their other MV but I keep listen to this one :D

JJ Project - Tomorrow, Today

Gahhhhhhhhhhhhh tomorrow, today <3

Buzz - Just One

I love this one more compare The Love XD and this one sound like Jrock? or it just me XD ahahahhaha I had never listened to Buzz before even after watching Knowing Bro-Min Kyung Hoon XD

Dreamcatcher - Fly High

KYAAAA!!!! MY FAVOURITE Korean girl group after SNSD, TWICE, APINK, GFRIEND Listen to Chase Me and Good Night!!! That one is so great!!! have Jrock vibe!! I really hope they maintain with this concept!

Loopy & Nafla - Internet War

This one is so dope and creepy!!!

Turbo - Hot Sugar

If you don't like this one, I don't know lah... but I really like it XD ahahahaha feeling so summer XD (Malaysia had no Summer tho) and look at Seo Jang Hoon face lol XD ahahahahahaha :3

Kard - Hola Hola

I just really love this song XD

EXO - Ko Ko Bop

Please, Exo fans, please explain what is Ko Ko Bop... This thing bothering me O.O ahahahahaha XD

We Are The Night - Hello & Goodbye

I fall asleep while listen to this XD ahahahhahahaa (I mean, the melody is so good that it calm my heart)

AKMU (Akdong Musician) - Dinosaur

Day and night, every where I go, I keep singing DINOSAUR part and Oooo oooo XD ahahahaha :3

I guess that's it XD


See ya...

Tutorial Youtube Autoplay & Loop on Blog

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I was on Youtube, watching and listening to SNSD ballad version just now. Since I hate waiting for Knowing Bro episode 88 still not being subs. Well, I know they did it for free and never ask anything. But, seriously? SNSD kowt TT^TT Running Man latest episode dah tengok XD Now, I just need to wait for SNSD in Knowing Bro this week and next week :'(

Anyway, Farihah asking this on my CBOX:

So, today I will make a tutorial on how to make Youtube autoplay and loop in your blog. I kinda stress when all mp3 tutorial from other blogger does not work with blog like before. It doesn't autoplay like it used to be. 

=_= Every blog I visit, the only mp3 works are SCM Music Player but, this player just a problem to my blog. I don't like it. While some blogger uses Youtube as mp3 player for blog background music. It's work well with autoplay and loop but I seem cannot find how to reduce the volume =_= I bet my blog must sound so noisy TT^TT 

So, here is it:
<center><iframe width="238" height="134" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>iframe></iframe></center>
Go to any Youtube video that you would like to use. Click embed and you will see something like this:

Can you see the red line in the embed code? Copy that code and replace it with the first code given above. Both F5v9SbP5Kjg must be replaced. 
Width = Change according to your sidebar size or what size you prefer
Height = Change  according to your sidebar size or what size you prefer
Autoplay = 1 (make sure it is written as 1 to make it autoplay)
Loop = 1 (make sure it is written as 1 to make it loop and not stop the Youtube video)
Showinfo = 0 (as I don't like to show the info of the Youtube video)
Rel = 0 (stop showing related video)
Just copy the first code given and change everything I mention :P

Anyway. I learn this tutorial by Jim Dougherty, go to his website to look into another Youtube option you can find. So, good luck ^^

Tutorial How to Use New CBOX Version

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Yuhuuuuuu... good morning??? my fellow bloggers XD Anything you do, anywhere you go, I hope you guys always stay healthy ^3^ HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! AHAHAHHAHA

Anyway, read my previous post: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (2017) Chinese Drama Review

Anyway, if you always leave your chat on my CBOX before, you will see that my CBOX does not reload properly. If you start to comment on my post and it automatically reloads my blog post right? and the chat suddenly was gone. Not only that, my Cbox name, place where you suppose to put your name usually doesn't need to delete that part =_= That thing really annoys me =_=

I don't know if this thing only happens only to me or you guys affected by it too. 

That is the reason why I decided to use Chatago. For a few minute, I change into CBOX again =_= After I change into new CBOX, error not appear anymore on my CBOX.

I think, a lot of bloggers still do not know how to get this CBOX version and how to use this CBOX correctly? I had the same problem before =_= I got confused and did the same thing. 

I don't know about other bloggers who already use this chat, but my account does not have the selection of new CBOX. I thought they upgrade their CBOX TT^TT I don't have money to upgrade each month =_=

So, I thought, maybe I should delete my old CBOX account and make a new account. I did that, and the new version of CBOX appeared and just change a little bit to be like my current CBOX.

To anyone who does not know how to use this CBOX and I saw that lot of bloggers leave their link on the chat and not in the URL box. 

Can you spot the difference? If you put the URL blog in the URL section, this icon will appear beside your name. You just need to click that icon and it will directly bring you to bloggers link. Soe blogger forgot and did not put their link. So, how can we blogwalking if there is no blog to trace? O.O

I will tell you how to put your URL blog so that you don't have to put URL blog in the chat anymore. If you prefer to put your URL blog in the chat, I don't really mind. XD

First, click that black human icon and something like this will appear:

If you never use the profile chat section, there will be no image appear. You need to upload any picture you like whether it's your own picture or idol or anything if you want it to appear as your chat profile image. Next, you must put your URL blog in the profile URL. 


You can put your own blog name or your nickname/pen name for your blog so other bloggers will recognize that was you.


If you click on the name, you can reply to it. I don't know how this function. I mean, does that mean the owner will now that some tag the name? Or maybe the tag is for owner replied the chat? What is the function, really? I don't know well :P Sorry... Never use it yet XD

That's it. I hope this tutorial helps you guys out there =_= If you make this mistake, don't worry. I am the same =_= So many time =_= Until my brains function and figure it out O.O Ahahahahaha



Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (2017) Chinese Drama Review

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8 August 2017, I was resting for a while after watching The Journey of Flower. The next day, I decided to continue watching another Chinese drama which I really want to watch as the rating is so popular among Chinese drama fans. Not only that, this drama is highly ranked this year. Last 2 month I think, I watch the trailer for live action/movie of this drama and that also one of the reasons why I bookmarked this drama. I watch this drama non-stop making my body not feeling well. The drama is not the one at fault :P

I had a fever and whole of my body is aching just because I watch drama non-stop =_=. Not only that, I cannot stand taking the shower on the evening. It was so cold for me, and both of my palms became blue and feels so hurt when the water came from the shower hitting my hand. Since I am not feeling well, I decided to sleep the whole day and rest before continue watching another 8 episode after I got better. Now, I am a little bit fine compared to yesterday whereas I cannot even move properly. Hoping to finish the drama today, and I finally glad I make it till the end of the episode. I finished all of the episodes but whyyyyyyy I still need this drama to continue. The episodes provide is not enough!!!

GENRE: Romance and Fantasy

EPISODE: 58 episodes

STATUS: Completed


Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms or also known as Eternal Love is a drama broadcast on this year, 2017. It was adapted from a novel called Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms or known as To the Sky Kingdom in English version. According to fans, the drama is completed yet there is the second novel called Pillow Talk which tells about some pair of relationship in the drama that never had a chance to became together. Well, I am waiting for someone to send it the second novels as I really want to know what happened to my favorite side character. I hope he/she will send it to my email as soon as possible. I cannot wait for that. Gahhhh, I forgot... Let's continue with a little bit of synopsis of this drama.

Bai Qian is a youngest child of a fox king and since she is quite a bit naughty, her parents send her to the Kun Lun Mountains to become Mo Yuan disciples. Kun Lun Mountains never accepted a female as a disciples, so Zhe Yan who is immortal Pheonix and a good friend of Bai Family change Bai Qian appearance as a male so that she can be accepted as Mo Yuan discilple. During her day as Mo Yuan disciple, she use Si Yin name as her alias. She is treated as the most doted principle by Mo Yuan. During a war with Ghost tribe who rebels and tried to take control the world, to seal ghost lord Qin Cang a heavy price must be paid. 70 000 years later, Bai Qian alone reseal the ghost lord but all of her memories were sealed by the ghost lord and she was sent to mortal world to undergo a trial in becoming a High Goddess. During her trial in mortal world, she met Ye Hua and they fall in love. Ye Hua give her a name, Su Su. They got married in mortal world and by time, Su Su learn that Ye Hua is a Crown Prince of the Nine Heavens. A lot of things happen in order for them to be together. 
Fewwww... I guess it's too long for a synopsis but it's okay as I did not reveal any other spoiler. If it is too short, I am afraid you guys will not have any interest to watch this drama.

This is a great drama that I would guarantee 5/5 rating!!! 

Why I give 5/5? Hehhhhh :P Now you asked me why???? Because it was so good!!!

First, it has 58 episode. Even though I feel it's not enough but at the same time, I feel satisfied so that's why. Even if they have such a long episode, the drama is not being dragged too long as I keep anticipated what happens next. Not only that, I wish they add maybe like another 1 or 2 episode for the ending as I feel like it is not enough!!!

Second, this drama had a lots of casts that I fall in love with. Seriously!!! Especially main cast Bai Qian and Ye Hua. Next, will be Mo Yuan, Bai Fengjiu, Bai Zhen,  Dong Hua, Zhe Yan, Si Ming, Lian Song, Li Jing, Yan Zhe, Cheng Yu and Ah Li. I cannot share all what are they and so on as I will tell a spoiler =_= I believe. So, I just name all of my favourite characters. Only 4 out of them all are girls character that I really fall in love with. Some are cute, some are fierce with her believe, some are playful, and some are destined to not fall in love TT^TT.

Third, related to the cast I like and I dislike. They really choose a good actor and actress to potray the character! They all play the character and I would say they give their best!!! 

Fourth, the OST of the drama!!! I really love the OST!!! Opening OST and Ending OST!!! It was so sad :'( and of course beautiful at the same time :)

BEWARE!!! WARNING!!! This MV made by fans fulls of spoiler from the start until the ends of the episode show the relationship between supporting character Bai Fengjiu X Lord Dong Hua (look at how cute she is!!! A cute foxie!!! She is the most beautiful and cute in the drama and second is the main character) This is the opening of the drama: Three Lives Three Worlds (三生三世) - Jason Zhang

This one is so heartbreaking!!! I don't really mind this as a spoiler. WARNING!!! though~ This is so sad, both of main heroin and main hero TT^TT

Okay, like I mentioned before, there will be a live action/movie version of this drama. In Malaysia, it will be released on 17 August 2017 with the title as Once Upon a Time. Just a few more days!!! and I have no money =_= no transport so... I guess I am sorry, I cannot support the movie, I will streaming only TT^TT 

I wish my parent treat me for my birthday gift, the gift can postpone till this 17 TT^TT but I guess I would never have a chance to watch this movie TT^TT as both of them does not like watching movie in cinema TT^TT

From the trailer, and synopsis I read before, it was so different from the from the drama which means totally far from the novel itself. But..... as you know my Yang Yang is the main hero in this movie TT^TT. You know I fall in love wih him when he act as a main hero in Love O2O. I really love Liu Yifei/Crystal Liu because she is so pretty!!! and I know her from The Return of Condor Hero TT^TT My heart is so complicataed. If you want to watch this movie version, I suggest you guys watch the drama first!!! or else some of you might be confused about what happened next.

Overall, the drama is good and I don't know about this upcoming movie version!!! I wish you guys can start with the drama <3 It was so good, the character is so good, the music is so nice and yeah, overall is sssooooo good!!!

P/S: Any drama or series you want to recommend. Please suggest in the comment section below. I will watch the drama XD (I have another 3 Chinese drama I need to watch) Maybe one of your recommendation is on my list XD

The Journey of Flower (2015) Chinese Drama Review

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For 4 days I did not update my blog since I was watching one of this Chinese drama as you can read the title of my post. I am not sure if some of you already watch this drama before or not. I will not spoiler any episode I have watched from the first day 3 August 2017 until today 7 August 2017. I just finish watch and I can feel my eyes are swollen and my head feels so dizzy effect of crying too much. 

Finally, I finished this drama and I feel satisfied because I want to watch this drama last year but I keep delay =_= I did not know that in Malaysia, they already broadcast it on 8TV. I guess I am a little bit late? 

GENRE: Romance, Fantasy, and Drama

EPISODE: TV broadcast has 58 episode while it should be 54 episode originally. Anywhere I can found, only 50 episode on all drama site.

STATUS: Completed


As I mentioned, the title of this drama: The Journey of Flower or Huā Qiāngǔ was based on Chinese martial arts novel (xianxia). 

It starts with the birth of Hua Qiangu who is a female baby born with a strange accent that could attract demons and wither the flowers and plant. Due to this villagers are afraid and hate her as they thought Hua Qiangu as a demon. She never blames the villagers as she was taught by her only father to not do that. Her father died when she reached 16 years old. Before he dies, her father asked her to go to Zu Mountain / Shu mountain to be an apprentice so she can protect herself. She met with Mo dage / brother Mo on that day her dad die and ask him to accompany her for 3 days before she turns 16 as she had never once had a friend. On the 3rd day, she was left alone without brother Mo traces. So she sets her journey to Zu Mountain hoping that one day, she will meet with brother Mo again. 
I would say, you will not have any regret wasting your time watching this 50 long episode drama. Instead, you will feel a mix of emotion from happy, sad, angry and most of the time mad and sad. It will make you question the good people in this drama. Which is right? Which is wrong? but still, my rate is 3/5 only!!! WHY???

The reason why I give this drama 3/5 is that the main character is too innocent, pure and was treated as a trash by some people. Rest assure, cause she also has a lot of decent friend around her. Only certain character make me gone mad. I feel like that kind of character should have been dead long time ago as they think they are right all the time. Not only that, the cheesy CG XD I cannot brain myself when I think about it. It's not that bad, but that CG seriously... Not only that, they drag the episode kinda long (cannot explain more) =_= I am not satisfied with the ending of the drama because I feel like it was not complete. It's finished with a happy ending in the drama but ending not so smooth and seems off. Maybe I need to read the novel.... Ermmmmm... 

This drama totally portrays real world of human feeling. Some bad people are good people, to begin with. Some still have a good heart but treat harshly due to their title. Some people hold justice but in a harsh way. Not only that, this drama show too much emotion a ladies can hold. They can be jealous, too jealous, nice, sad, kind and so on. Some cannot accept the truth and keep making thing harder on other people, even blame and frame others. Some are obsessed and so on. Some people hiding behind their mask. Well too many to write about.

If it was me, I would fall in love with the second lead hero and follow the sister of evil as she treats heroin like his own sister. He also believes in Hua Qiangu no matter what other people say. I don't think this is a spoiler though :P

The OST, I would give thumbs up. I love all opening OST which is Fire of the Heart by F.I.R and second opening OST Eternity by Alan Dawa Dolma. For Ending OST Not To Mention by Wallace Huo and Zanilia Zhao who is the main actor and actress. I love the first opening OST, by the way, :P The ending theme is so sad TT^TT 

If you love historical drama and fantasy drama, and you want to see a spark of romance and sword fighting. In addition, feels the hurtful feeling of falling in love and sacrifice for someone, I suggest you watch this drama.


The reason I wanna watch this drama because I listen to this song. I wonder what drama was this called XD and finished :)

:: Before I forget, there is a sequel to this drama. I suggest, no need to watch. A lot of character is being changed as all of them are being reincarnated. I don't know if this related to the novel or not But I would never watch the second season as I read on Youtube how different the plot and so on ::

So, will you still watch this drama? It's not that bad tho. I even cry, remember??? And it got a high rating and quite popular Chinese drama. This drama even won drama of the year award, okay XD. Give it a try and watch 3-4 episode before you make a decision to drop the series or continue.

P/S: Any drama or series you want to recommend. Please suggest in the comment section below. I will watch the drama XD (I have another 4 Chinese drama I need to watch) Maybe one of your recommendation is on my list XD

Novel Source:

Chinese Drama List [1]

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I don't know if I should post this one or not, but as I was watching the drama, I stop for a while giving another thought and here I am.

I am going to watch several lists of Chinese drama which already complete. I want to watch the dramas so much but I always delay it.

What drama? Let it be secret for now... I am in the middle of watching this drama actually :P

I just want to inform that it will be 5 Chinese drama that I will watch this month~ and 2 of the dramas are from 2015 while the other 3 dramas are from this year, 2017.

=_= I don't wanna tell yet because I'm afraid someone might spoil it for me... GRRRRRRRRRR TT^TT

Ok bye~ Ahahahaha :P

Runningman Horror Special!!!

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Hari ni, Misaki baru habis tengok Running Man episode 361. Punyalah hari Isnin hari tu dah ada subs English tapi baru nak tengok. Episode kali ni boleh tahanlah kelakar XD Just so-so. 


Tak sabar gila tunggu episode minggu depan!!! Mula-mula tengok preview ingatkan SNSD muncul sekali Park Seo Joon dengan Kang Haneul. Rupanya,  next week mula dengan Park Seo Joon dengan Kang Haneul. Minggu sekali lagi, baru turn SNSD!!!

Tak kisahlah, yang penting minggu depan WAJIB tengok! dengan minggu sekali lagi sebab SNSD datang!!! and nampak macam episod 363 ada unsur-unsur HORROR XD.

Sayangnya, Seohyun tak datang episode Running Man kali ni TT^TT 


Lip Sync Battle UiTM Dengkil

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Tengah seronok layan Youtube, tetiba rasa nak buka Facebook sekejap. Manalah tahu kalau ada post menarik ka. Click je notification, nama Misaki kena mention oleh adik dekat satu video ni.

So, Misaki pun clicklah notification tu and this is what I found.

My bro, Busu or named 'Atiq are performing on Lip Sync battle with his Tesol/Tesl friends (UiTM Dengkil)
The thing is, rasa bangga sebab adik perform atas pentas. Tapi dalam masa yang sama, sakit perut sebab gelak sakan. Bayangkanlah, my own lil brother yang otaku perform atas pentas? Perghhhhh.. perform bak ang...

Tengoklah, siap ada peminat terjerit-jerit panggil "Atiq, Atiqqq..." Ahahahahahaha weyh, tolong.. Lawak sangat. I cannot brain tengok adik sendiri perform O.O Nampak cool, tapi feeling tu tak tahu nak explain macammana tengok dia lip sync ngahahahahahhahahahaha...

Well, tapi nak kata terkejut sangat tu tak lah juga. Sebabnya budak ni pun pernah perform nasyid dulu, aktif juga waktu sekolah. Ok je budaknya, tak macam akak dia yang ni. Malu tak bertempat, introvert gilalah. Kawan pun dengan yang boleh masuk kepala ja. Tak jenis bising-bising dengan kawan-kawan yang kurang rapat.

Cumanya, adik Misaki yang laki ni dia slow sikit. Slow macam mana? Ermmmm, tak tahu nak explain macammana, tapi jenis yang macam kura-kura sikit tapi dalam masa yang sama macam arnab. Aisshhh... entahlah~

Komen-komen dari adik-adik sendiri yang terkezutt tengok Busu perform. Nasib malam ni tak tidur, kalau tidur, confirm nightmare XD
Anyway bro, whatever you do masa belajar Tesol, jangan lupa Allah, jaga batas sama... XD Well, sosial lah sehabis mungkin untuk proses pembelajaran, cari confident diri. Tapi, macam Yong cakap, jaga batas pergaulan. Yong ni dah 25, dah jumpa macam ragam manusia, dah experienced macam-macam. Risau weyh, risau. Risau bila adik sendiri duduk jauh-jauh. Mungkin ni perasaan yang ibu Misaki pernah rasa, bila anak perempuan duduk jauh dari rumah TT^TT.
Anyway, my bro cakap diorang tak menang pun battle ni. Group lain yang menang. Tak apalah, yang penting dah cuba sehabis baik and dapat pengalaman. 
Belajar elok-elok. Aok tu budak Tesol UiTM, budak Asasi lagi. Try your best. Time main, mainlah puas-puas. Time belajar, jangan main-main. Don't be like me. I will always pray for you. Best of lucks.
Harap-harap my sis yang juga budak Tesol, USM tak baca post ni. Since I only post about my bro and not her. Budak itu, kuat jealous O.O ahahahahahahaha XD

| XOXO |

Kembali ke Pangkal Jalan

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Sekali pandang, tajuk blog hari ini macam seram saja. Sedangkan tak ada kaitan sangat pun, tajuk post dengan isi post. Kalau ikutkan niat dan hati, hari ni ingatkan nak blogwalking blog ke blog saja. Tapi last-last update juga post. Entah bila pulalah post ni nak update lagi. Di Facebook, bukan main panjang berjela post. Dari complaint, luahan perasaan and so many thing lagilah.

Kenapa tiba-tiba post ni wujud pada tarikh 1 Ogos 2017? Adalah, satu dua sebab kenapa post ni diwujudkan. Biasalah, perasaan manusia ni tak dapat diduga. Sedar-sedar saja tangan dah pegang laptop, jari dah mula menaip semata-mata nak update blog ni. Blog yang dah bersawang tapi masih ada yang sudi melawat. Terima kasih. TT^TT

Antara sebab kenapa hari ni tiba-tiba nak update blog. 

1. Kebosanan

Dah bosan baru tahu nak kembali ke pangkal jalan. Sebelum ni, ada depan mata saja blog ni. Itupun kau tak pandang =_= Inilah manusia.. Time susah barulah nak cari, time senang... Ermm, hampehhh... Ahahahhahahaha (dah tahap kebosanan kalau menulis pun tak ketahuan)

2. Rindu

Rindulah nak blogging. Gila tak rindu. Dulu sebelum degree, bukan main blogging walaupun tak banyak sangat post. Rindu nak menulis, rindu nak meluahkan perasaan, bermacam-macam rindulah. Tapi, yang paling rindu mestilah nak baca blog korang XD Mwahahahahaha

3. Sedih

Bukan sebab apa pun perasaan sedih ni wujud sampai rasa nak post entri. Benda simple saja. Masa tengah update bloglist yang selalu Misaki baca. Dari yang setahun ke atas tak update sampailah yang selalu update. Hasilnya, macam dekat ruangan bloglist Misaki yang sekarang ini. Blog yang tersenarai as favourite blog risuto yang selalunya Misaki akan baca. Cumanya, lately jarang benar blogwalking... Hari ni baru rasa nak blogwalking. Apa yang Misaki nak sampaikan, banyak jugalah blogger yang sebelum ni tersenarai dalam list dah tak ada dalam list TT^TT. Sebabnya, ramai blogger yang dah delete blog :'( dan sebab tu lah kenapa tiba-tiba timbul perasaan nak update blog. Blogger yang dah berapa abad lamanya tak update tapi still dalam bloglist Misaki, I will wait for them untuk munculkan diri dan aktif semula dalam dunia blogging sebab Misaki rindu sangat nak baca post diorang. Tapi, itulah kan nak buat macammana. Masing-masing ada kehidupan sendiri, ada yang sambung belajar, ada yang hilang idea untuk menulis, ada yang dah berumah tangga dan macam-macam lagi. Semua dah berubah. Hidup pun perlukan perubahan TT^TT. I can understand, but it is still sad :'(

4. Blog Bersawang

Erkkkk.. memang bersawang sangat. Bila check post lama, Misaki rasa nak delete ja post. The way I used to call myself rasa pelik sangat. Ahahahahahaha.. Mula-mula Hikari, lepas tu tukar kepada Misaki. All the time guna kata ganti diri I. Cuma dalam bahasa Malaysia saja, Misaki masih tertanya-tanya sama ada perlu atau tak tukar kata ganti diri Misaki kepada aku. Apa pula pandangan orang lain kalau Misaki still stay dengan kata ganti diri Misaki? 

That's it untuk petang ni. Permulaan bulan Ogos ni, harap-harap semuanya baik-baik dan berjalan lancar. Aamiin...

I wonder if tomorrow there will be any post from me or not O.O

[ R A N K I N G ] Knowing Bros | Ask Us Anything

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[Image from OneHallyuu]

My favourite Korean entertainment show that I fall in love currently... If I said, Knowing Bros win my heart more that Running Man, someone might get mad :P but nevermind... Running Man is a different concept than Knowing Bros. 

Knowing Bros more like school concept where the cast member will act as the student in the classroom and each week, a new transfer student will come to apply for their class. Some of the students are actors, actress, idols, gag member and etc.

Anyway, I would recommend you to watch this show if you haven't watch it yet :D It was so funny!!!

[Preview: Knowing Brothers Episode 68, guest: Girls Day - one of my favourite and Hyeri and Yura laugh is addictive like always :D]

Among the permanent cast, there is someone that I really anticipated when he talks, so that's why I make this ranking. This ranking only for my taste, my opinion... Someone else might have different opinion, ahahahahha XD

Situation (which will never happen): Who attract you, your heart when you saw him? and you would love to be his lover ^^ 

Lee Sang Min (1st)

I cannot help it... Even though he is older, he has so many debt need to pay, he once failed his marriage... I love him!!! He is just so manly in his own way!!! and he is cute!!! Feels like wanna help him!!! Ahahahahahaha (I don't have money though)
Lee Soo Geun (2nd)
Ahahahahaha, he is so funny. All his words usually make me laugh hard. Even though he is short~ Opps XD but he is cute and funny :D 
Min Kyung Hoon (3rd)

He is so cute!!!!!!!!! so pervert!!!!! short tempered in this show~ but his laugh is addicted!!!! 
Kim Hee Chul (4th)

Hee-nim is flirty like always <3 The beautiful man that I love who have sharp tongue XD well he is a weirdo, otaku!!! SUPER JUNIOR!!! EverlastingFriend~ and he always make me laugh but yeah.. Heechul oppa.. you at 4th place~ (well, its not like this ranking is important to him) ahahahahaha XD 
 Kang Ho Dong (5th)
I can relate Kang Ho Dong well to me. He already cute XD but trying to act cute also make his cute. but he also loud O.O (just like me and some people got annoyed) Ahahaahhahaha.. and he is one of MC that I like (well Yoo Jae Suk first) :P Sorry Hodong XD and he is looks caring to his wife though.. :D 
Kim Yeong Chul (6th)
They said Yeoung Chol comedy is no fun, but actually, it is funny XD especially when all of them stay quiet when he makes joke XD Ahahahahahaaa... He also a kind person XD He has his own charm though :D Ahahahhaha...
Se Jang Hoon (7th)

Why I put him, on the last rank? Just because... Mwahahahahaha no lah.. it's not like I hate or dislike him. My sister like him XD He is funny sometimes but ermmm I wonder why I put his, last and not Young Chul or Hodong O.O Don't get mad :P 
This show is fun but they bully my little girl and my boy TT^TT  I wish I could protect them from any harm... Mwahahahahaha

Eid Fitr 2017

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From left: Me, Wati, Sir Rasyid, Sir Radzi, Din, Mat Wan (after VIVA)

Finally, I am free from UiTM assignment. No more class, no more books to read (Academic book), no more exam, no more assignment, no more internship, no more thesis, no more VIVA. I will miss that of course.

Tomorrow, I need to send full thesis to my advisor-lecturer. Just a few correction need to be made: P I am so glad that VIVA is finished and I got 2 advisors that are cool and no rush their student :D Hope they give my other 3 friends and I a good mark for our VIVA presentation and the thesis itself 😊

Anyway, I hope it is still not too late to wish Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfiri Maaf Zahir Batin to you guys <3 Eid Fitr this year hopefully you can forgive me if I did do something that makes you feel hurt. Maybe I hurt your feeling without I realize it. Well, I wanna say please halalkan segala makan dan minum, but then we have never met yet on any occasion where we eat together and so on. Ahahahahahahaha

This year Eid, I wear baju kurung as always but in black colour. My sisters and some? Of my brothers wear black baju melayu. Well, we never had planned any theme for this Eid (like always) just random colour XD It just that this year, is a little bit different.

How about you guys? Did you wear the same theme as your other family members did? What colour was it? Blue? Green? Purple? Gaaaaaahhhh I wonder~

So, here is my family and me while celebrating Eid 2017~

From left (back): Ngah, Tam, Busu, Acik
Front: Ibu and Abah

  From left (back): Me, Auni, Teh and Uda
Front: Ibu and Abah

He wants to follow how his friend in Dengkil take a picture~


With my adik bongsu~ (Form 2) I think :P Ahahahahahaha

With my beloved ibu (always nagging at me, for my own safety and benefit) sorry ibu XD

With my ibu and abah yang garang :D AHAHAHAHHA :P

Both bro and sis (Tesol student) =_=


Selfie with Chopper XD

Just a normal picture :P


Then, I asked him to make a Dragon Ball Fusion with me, but he ignores me =_= 

Trying to hold his laugh as he feel embarrassed having a sister like me =_=

I got this bunga kantan when I visit my mak mengasuh (what did we call?) Ermm, my bro pick it :P

Well, I guess thats its for today :) See ya for tomorrow ^^

S H E L L . I S S U E

Misaki PureBlood | July 08, 2017 | BE THE FIRST TO WHISPER!
Recently, Malaysian have been shocked by an inappropriate behaviour of a certain Malaysian citizen who takes a picture with akak Shell (board stand image) while showing their vulgar personality.

I would say the ones who did it are Malay Muslim and a male on top of it, of course. I will not show any picture of the girl board because, my sis said it is still not appropriate for me to share that =_= even though for education. So, you can search it by yourself.
What I want to say here is that such a behaviour coming from male are unacceptable. How could they do that even if they thought it was for fun or for laugh?

How could a guy or male, take a picture with the human board (a model-girl) showing their hand touching the girl boobs and the girl crouch? Even though it was just a paperboard stand, I cannot accept such behaviour coming out from everyone. Especially, in this case, a male.

Think, guy! Do you think that was funny? Do you think that was cool? No!!! It was never cool!!! Instead, that show your personality, behaviour as a pervert, retard, dirty-minded person, and other term suits that. You tarnish the girls' image. The model already a married person and on top of it a Muslim. But, that doesn’t mean you can do it if it’s not a Muslim, and single. I am mentioning Muslim as I feel offended by such behaviour as I was Muslim myself =_= You also bring shame to yourself and your own family due to your behaviour.

I don’t know whether they apologize to the victim yet or not, but one of the kid already apologize and that akak already accepted. I hope that boy learn his mistake, and not only asking for forgiveness because of he afraid of citizen that keep torment on him. I hope he realize his mistake and learn upon it.

Not only that, some commenters are such an idiot when they said, “it just for fun”, “it just a board” Owh, really? Let’s see if that’s happen to your own family member. That was so fucking rude.

And here we are, Islam image becoming more ruined because of that~ people were talking about how the girl already cover the body but still someone touch her (even though it’s just a board). Ladies and gentlemen, when someone is a dirty minded, pervert and want to do something bad, he or she does not care whether the girl is cover her body or not. That what we call sicko person. They sick in mind because they can behave like that toward a fucking board!!!

Imagine guys, if they can do such inappropriate behavior toward a woman board stand, they could do the same for your own family member, your mom, sister, aunty, you, and others.

I will not blame the girl as a certain people blame it on the girl. I had a different view about this. I am so sorry.

For me, it is not a ticket for someone to touch someone private part, rape someone and said it is the victim fault because she does not cover up herself!!! (Yeah, a girl and a boy should protect her own body, but the attacker attacks a person without consent is the one should be blamed)

In this case, I blame the male who cannot lower his gaze!!! Who are dirty minded and because they cannot calm down their own lower part, they start to assault another people body!!! This kind of people should be lock away from world outside because they only think about themselves and harming other people~

P/s: Ladies, be careful If they can be aroused by a fucking paper, it’s mean you are not safe. Just be careful. I advise, do not befriend or let someone you love near a person who allows raping, touching to happen because the victim cannot defend and protect themselves. This advise apply to both male and female. 

|| T H I S . I S . M Y . O P I N I O N ||

Love O2O (2016) Chinese Drama Review

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Kyaaaaaaa!!! Just writing about this drama make me scream so bad!!! Ignore my fangirl part. Currently and officially I have been Yang Yang fans <3 If you are curious who is Yang Yang. He is the guy in the picture above.

I watch one of this drama recently and it was so good!!!! Like I said, it was so good!!! It makes your days feel so fluffy, sweet, romance, all of your day dreaming something which is not possible. The content, the sugar of love, cheesy romance provide make it feels like the whole of your body is wrapping by sweet cotton candy <3 Kyaaaaaa!!! 

GENRE: Romance, Youth, School Life, Fantasy (in game)

EPISODE: 30 episodes

STATUS: Finish

RATED BY ME: 5/5 (because it make my heart fluttering all the time)

So, the drama is basically like the title of my post: Love O2O is the drama version are based on the novel written by Gu Man. I did read the manhua version: Just One Smile is Very Alluring which is from the same author. Since the manhua is still updating (English) so I have to wait for it and I really cannot wait, so I watch the drama which from the comment of viewers, this drama follow the plot written in the novels. Yeah, there is no regret watching this drama even though the heroin a little bit stiff (for me and some of the viewers) instead I feel regret not watching this when they broadcast it =.= 

Owh, before I forgot. There is also a movie version of this one called: One Smile is Very Alluring (which I didn't watch). I prefer the drama over the movie (say someone who didn't even watch the movie) :P


Bei Wei Wei, the heroin act by Zheng Shuang is the Computer Science Goddess (which means, she is so freaking beautiful) and she is also doing great and excel in her studies. She also a gamer using IGN (in game name), Luwei Weiwei in the online role-playing game (MMORPG) called a Chinese Ghost Story. When she was dumped and divorced by her online husband Zhenshui Wuxiang, she gets approved by the number one ranking player Yixiao Naihe who suggested that they get married so they both can participate in a couple competition within the game. After they get married, a lot of obstacles that both of them gone through in game and in a real life. They go through the adventure together in the game.

However, Wei Wei never expected the real identity of her online husband to be her college senior-same course with her, Xiao Nai act by Yang Yang. He is the most popular guy in the college which is good in academy and sports (basketball). Not only that, he is handsome of course. That is the reason why he got so many fans. Before Wei Wei discovers the truth, she already develops a feeling towards Xiao Nai and after they declared couple in real life, together they overcome obstacles which try to ruin their career and relationship.


From left to right: Scene in the game & scene in real life

The exact scene!!!! Make me kyaaaaaa!!! all the time!!!! Feels like it was a destined pair staring at each others, smile, so innocent and pure <3

I recommend you guys to try and watch this drama!!! It was so good and relieve your stress and you might be one of Yang Yang fans just like me XD (eyyyyy... Yang Yang is my love.. I mean fans love) XD

Both of them are so innocent, so cute, so perfect, so cute, so nice!!! and he is so overprotective!!! so romantic!!! stalker!! arghh I cannot describe it, but you cannot find this kind of girls and boys like this right now.. I mean innocent like this <3 I love it... (especially when my heart are not that good) awwwwwwww~ I wish I can fall in ove innocently and fated like this.. Ouchie that's hurt~ Ahahahaahahahaha.. (laugh laugh laugh to pretend you are not hurt by your own hurt, idiot) XD

If you are curious whether the game they play in the drama is real or not. I would like to say that IT WAS REAL!!! I have never try to play it and I don't know whether this game available or not in Malaysia. It was in Chinese version though. 

Game: A Chinese Ghost Story | 新倩女幽魂

I'm going to show you the trailer for Love O2O Chinese drama that might pique your interest.

Next, the ost!!! Yang Yang sings it!!! Prepare your heart ladies!!! KYAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! MY CRUSH!!!!!! 

So, what did you think?????? Curious??? Come on.... if you are that curious, I suggest for you: go grab a popcorn and watch this drama!!! Go now~ go go... ^^